Talent Spotlight On Nelia Alves-Petit

On Point With Nelia!

On Point With Nelia!


Nelia is a natural born Psychic/Medium, with over 25 yrs of experience.
The first time she made a connection with someone from across the veil
she was a three year old child.  She awoke to see her late grandfather
standing at her bedroom door.

Over the years, Nelia’s gifts have manifested in many ways with the help from her Guides and Masters.

At the age of 14, she started giving Psychic readings.  She has helped many clients in the New England area, New Jersey, and has many clients on the West coast such as California and East Coast such as Florida, etc.
Also, Nelia is fluent in Portuguese and able to converse in Italian and Spanish. That being said, she is very well known internationally with clients in Canada, Spain, Italy and Portugal. Her client base continues to grow!
Nelia has been a member of several paranormal groups in the past and
has helped clergy in liberating and cleansing clients and their homes from
hauntings and negative entities till this day.  She is also an Ordained Minister, Teacher and Public Speaker and her Psychic and Mediumship Galleries are truly extraordinary!
She was spotlighted as a Speaker at this year’s Discover You Holistic Expo at Twin river Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island and has been interviewed for books on the Paranormal and different Psychic Abilities.
Nelia  is also a 3rd Degree Elder High Priestess of the Olde Religion.  She considers herself a Christian Witch and she teaches the very popular
South Of Salem’s Trinity (Trinitarian) Tradition of Magick
( A Form Of Christian Wicca). She is also the Founder of South Of Salem’s Circle Of The Sacred Mother Goddess Of New England, with over 30 members and growing!
As founder of the hugely popular Wise Women Society Of New England,  she teaches all the ways of discovering and expanding your own psychic abilities.
Nelia also teaches the oldest way of divination, Tarot.  Her “Tarot, Tried and True” classes are also very very popular.

Nelia is the Resident Psychic/Medium here at Positive New Beginnings Holistic Center in East Providence, Rhode Island, which is her home base and office. Nelia is also an expert on Past Lives, Spirit Guides/Spirit Animals!
For Appointments, Classes and Consultations, Please Call
Positive New Beginnings at (401) 432-7195.

“If I have helped just one person, “JUST ONE”, my life has not been in vain”. –Nelia–

* Wise Women Society of New England meets every other Thursday evening, 7pm at Positive New Beginnings.  Cost is $10.00 and the next meeting will be May 30th.